Since 2001, we have been providing customised solutions for specialist and primary care providers, as well as, self-help organisations and community counselling centres. Based on our experience and know how, we can also develop solutions according to customers needs and specifications.

Salut BN, a guided self-help program for Bulimia sufferers was developed in the European research project "Salut". Hospitals, and community support associations in 4 European countries are now using it as part of their routine care.

Salut BED is a program for obese patients with Binge Eating Disorders. The program is based on cognitive behavioural therapy and can be used as a therapeutic or counselling support tool under the supervision of a health care professional (a "coach") or as part of an integrated program for obesity management.

Salut BN logo Salut BN
Guided online self-help program for Bulimia
Salut BED logo Salut BED
Guided online self-help program for Binge Eating Disorders