NetUnion develops technology-enhanced therapeutic support solutions for e-mental health and chronic disease self-management with a focus on obesity, diabetes, and eating disorders, as well as, behavioural disorders such as pathological gambling.

We developed the first online self-help program, based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for Bulimia in 2001. Since then, we developed similar programs for overweight or obese people with compulsive and binge eating, as well as, individuals with pathological gambling.

Central to our design considerations are clinical and user requirements, and the need for ensuring data security and privacy protection, accessibility and inclusion of populations with special needs.

We achieve a high level of excellence by staying close to our customers, and sourcing the latest research innovation and best practice through active participation in European research in areas such as: e-health, privacy, and trust mechanisms, e-inclusion, service architecture, serious games and gamification.

Recent projects

RES logo RES
Mini game for supporting psychological resilience
PlayMancer logo PlayMancer
Serious games for Health
Interbed logo Interbed
A multi-center, RCT on Internet guided self help for overweight and obese patients with binge eating disorders
IRIS logo Iris
Individual tailored platform for prevention of alcohol and tobacco consumption by pregnant women

Current projects

CAMELI logo CaMeLi
Developping care, guidance and brain wellness services for older adults
Preview logo Preview
Prevention of diabetes through lifestyle Intervention and population studies in Europe and around the World


Salut BN logo Salut BN
Guided online self-help program for Bulimia
Salut BED logo Salut BED
Guided online self-help program for overweight and Binge Eating
Risiko logo Risiko
Guided online self-help program for gambling addiction