Agentcities.NET: TrustFoundry.Lausanne


The company received an SME deployment grant for the TrustFoundry.Lausanne concept within the Agentcities.NET project. TrustFoundry.Lausanne was an investigation of an Agent-based e-Notary platform with the goal of offering Trusted Third Party services connected to a global network of agent platforms by looking at a P2P signing process and multi-agent notarisation process:

Scenario 1: P2P signing process

  1. Agents A and B meet in a third party agent market place platform, or inside platforms operated by owner A or Owner B
  2. A and B negotiate and generate agreement (a, b)
  3. The finalisation of the agreement triggers a resident notarisation agent, provided by TrustFoundry, to initiate the notarisation process
  4. Notarisation package (Aa, Bb, policy) is sent by notarisation agent to TrustFoundry notarisation service, using communication services as provided by Agentcities.NET
  5. TrustFoundry checks signing policy, and requests authorised signers to carry out the signing process (i.e. smart-card based)
P2P signing process

Scenario 2: Multi-Agent notarisation process

This is an extension of the basic notarisation process for agreements between an external agent and multiple autonomous negotiation agents. Note that the multiple agents could also be within a community of interest (COI). While the notarisation mechanism are similar to the first scenario. The implications are completely different.

Multi-Agent notarisation process