CaMeLi - Care Me for Life

(AAL 2012-5-030) - (Start date: June 2013, Duration 24 months)

Cameli is an FP7 Active Assisted Living (AAL) research project that aims to provide automated services for assisting elderly citizens in their daily activities. The project will develop an innovative Virtual Partner (ViP) care model that combines state of the art human computer interaction (emotion recognition, intelligent dialogue) and user behavior analysis technologies to support elderly citizens in the areas of mental and physical health & wellness.

NetUnion coordinates the work package for Wellness, Care and Guidance Services, and is responsible for developing “Brain Wellness” service for promoting sense of self efficacy and mental well being for elderly participants in three home environments: independent living in an urban setting, Orbis elderly home, and Orbis care apartments..

Specifically, the company will develop “The Memory Club ©”, a branded service space for brain wellness. The main application in the Memory Club is a program for learning implementation intention techniques for improving the performance of prospective memory tasks, e.g. remembering to do things in the future. The Memory Club will be based on the NetUnion Health Service Gamification (NHSG) platform.
The work is done in collaboration with the VIVA association in Geneva.

Partner list

  1. SIEMENS Enterprise Communications, Germany (Coordinator)
  2. University of Geneva, Switzerland
  3. ORBIS Medical & Care Group, Netherland
  4. Instituto Pedro Nunes, Portugal
  5. NetUnion sarl, Switzerland
  6. ViVa Association, Switzerland
  7. Noldus Information Technology, Netherland
  8. Citard Services Ltd, Cyprus


Memory Club