MultiPLECX (Multi-party Processes for Large-Scale Electronic Commerce Transactions)

(IT RTD No. 26810) - (Completed in September 2000)

The objective of this project is to design, implement and trial a next-generation system that will enable Internet resource management through market forces, specifically by enabling differential charging for multiple levels of service.

The project developed technologies and demonstrated prototypes for robust, scaleable Business-to-Business electronic commerce operating securely over the open, public internet. The technology objectives are to enable e-commerce by developing:

NetUnion Contribution

NetUnion entered the project during the second year to provide a prototype platform for multi-party delivery of software and services for the NetUnion ISP alliance.

Partner list

  1. Hewlett-Packard European Laboratory, Bristol, UK (Coordinator)
  2. NetUnion SARL, Lausanne, Switzerland
  3. GMD Forschungszentrum Informationstechnik, Darmstadt, Germany
  4. Ibermática SA, San Sebastián, Spain
  5. Technische Universität Berlin, Germany
  6. Tradezone International Ltd, Middlesbrough, UK
  7. University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK