Res – a key skill for education and jobs

(Start date Dec. 2012)

Resilience is a project funded under the European Lifelong Learning Programme: Grundtvig: practical learning for adults. The project seeks to develop a comprehensive, low-cost training model for psychological resilience in adult education. The goal is to develop an easy to access, and flexible training material for coping skills that teachers and coaches can use in continuing education.

NetUnion is the technical consultant responsible for developing a basic mini game (gamification) to reinforce the main message for the RES toolbox, and as a “teaser” to promote dissemination and engagement.

Partner list

  1. Blickpunkt Identität, Austria (Coordinator)
  2. Icelandic Academy of the Arts, Iceland
  3. Mímir símenntun, Iceland
  4. Medical University Vienna, Austria
  5. Norton Radstock College, United Kingdom
  6. CSCS – Centro Servizi “Cultura Sviluppo” srl, Italy
  7. Folkhälsan, Finland
  8. GUnet, Greece

External partner list

  1., Spain
  2. NetUnion, Switzerland