The Salut BN contains 7 modules, filled with information, examples and exercises based on cognitive behavioral therapy.

Steps of Salut BN

Key features of the program include:

The Online Diary

You start this key exercise by first recording your eating habits and purging behavior (laxatives, vomiting, etc.) in the Diary . New themes are added, progressively, to help you record thoughts, situations, emotions and binge triggers.

Automatic feedback

Based on these observations, the program will provide feedback to help you identify those situations, thoughts, or emotions that trigger your compulsive or binge eating.
Examples: emotional triggers, explained and unexplained binges

Personal strategies

Over time, you will develop a list of personal strategies for preventing or delaying binges. You will also learn problem solving and self-assertiveness techniques to help you manage emotional or stressful situations that are often linked to compulsive eating or binging.
Example of personal strategy list

Other exercises

The program also help you develop personal strategies to achieve the following: automatic thoughts, realistic thoughts and emotions.

Getting Access